Mainly high-end chip packaging solutions, provide NRE and to High volume production manufacturing services.

01 . WBBGA
Wire Bond is a type of connect...
02 . fcBGA
FC technology is to flip bonding&nb...
03 . SiP
SiP stands for system-in-package, which ...
04 . fcCSP
FcCSP package adopts core or non-co...
05 . QFN
QFN is a leadless package , which is squ...
06 . CPGA
Ceramic materials are heterogeneous inor...
07 . SOP
SOP, also known as SOIC (SmallOutline In...
08 . QFP
QFP is a four-side pin flat package, it ...

Rigger Micro Technology

Rigger Micro Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (referred to as RMT) is a design and manufacturing provider with key advanced packaging technologies, focusing on providing one-stop solutions for advanced packaging and testing of high-end chips, with rich project management and delivery experience.

Services cover: application scenario analysis; principle design and simulation; package structure and process design; multi-dimensional modeling and simulation; material/device matching; large-scale manufacturing and testing; customization and delivery cycle management; board-level system solutions.

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Based on the concept of “ Quality Oriented, Overcoming Difficulties, To be Creative”, RMT can provides the total advanced package solution so as to satisfy the customers’ needs, not only assembly services.

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